• Why I Won’t Use The Best Software, Even When It’s Free

    Productivity is hard. The more you realise what the optimal setup would look like, the further you get from starting to implement it. Perhaps that can tell us something about b2b sales.

  • Customer Value as North Star

    Just because you’re metric driven, doesn’t mean you’re going in the right direction.

  • Beyond What They Want

    If you can unpack the unrelenting stream of incoming feature requests and reach a deeper implied level you can build a product that doesn’t just give people what they think they want, but what they really *need*.

  • Follow Your Fans

    I don’t know if it’s true that dog owners end up looking like their pets, but it’s a fact that a company will forever bear the DNA of its first avid customers.

  • Death of the Salesman

    “What are you trying to sell me?” has become code for: I don’t trust you, and when Nixon was forced out of office people carried signs around with his face next to “Would you buy a used car from this man?” It’s hard to think of any profession that has sunk to lower levels of esteem in the public eye, than that of the salesman.

  • Love What You Launch

    Just as an infant needs to be swimming in love in order to become a solid grown-up your first product launch will forever set the tone of your company, so make sure it’s good. Because being true to what you are and really understanding your place in the universe is just as important for a company as it is for an individual.

  • The Startup Experience

    The entrepreneurial thing is not just for bro-grammers; you don’t, actually, need a great idea to get started; cash is a nice-to-have, and team is *everything*.