• The Writing Habit

    When pivotal events occur in life, you often fail to notice them at the time. When it comes to writing, there has been two such occasions for me.

  • The Funny Thing With Smart

    When the thermometer was invented, nobody really understood what temperature was. The same is now true of intelligence; we can measure it, but its nature remains a mystery.

  • Distributed Cognition

    When you forget the details of some complicated concept and have to consult an external resource, or when you write down all your todo items, those are examples of distributed cognition. Simply put, it’s the notion of not having to keep everything in our heads all the time.

  • What Doing Looks Like

    It’s rather wonderful, I’d like to be a bit more like Mrs. Whiting myself. I think there are two things she does really well. She knows exactly what she wants, and she has the ability to turn that crystal clear vision of where she wants to go, into manageable chunks of action. In the words of productivity guru David Allen, she knows what doing looks like.

  • On Focus

    Our brains are built to toggle back and forth between sharp and fuzzy. Proper learning and clear thinking can only happen in the interplay between diffuse daydreaming and focused attention

  • Ghost in the Machine

    Machine based therapy would be the ultimate proof of generalised artificial intelligence. I’d like to think it’s not too much to expect.