• Use the Force

    Knowing your opponent’s most ardent desire is the key to beating them at their own game.

  • Sometimes Slowing Down Will Make You Go Faster

    There’s a reason why there’s such a cult around speed in startup culture. Whoever reaches the market first has a huge advantage, so you better get there before your competitors do, because the first mover advantage often eclipses the importance of who has the best product.

  • Where Is This Road Taking Us?

    Queues are the Viet Cong of software engineering; the asymmetrical threat you can’t predict, except that it’ll always find a way to bite you.

  • Take Me to the Moon

    Communicating what you want done is the essence of product management, but finding the right level of abstraction can be hard.

  • Imagine the Unthinkable

    An insight is by definition contextual, which means it normally doesn’t translate well. An insight to me might be gobbledygook to you. That’s because its value largely comes from how I arrived at it.