I’m Hannes and Slow Thoughts is my place for personal reflections. That is to say I represent nothing bigger than myself, but much of what I write is inspired by the work I do at one of the best technical universities in the world. My job there is to maximise the impact of innovation by helping researchers and students to commercialise their findings.

The label entrepreneurship broadly covers most of what I’ve been doing for the last two decades, but just like sports or stage craft, or really any activity taken seriously enough, I think of entrepreneurship as an arena where all facets of the human experience comes into play. I love the utter diversity of life stories among all the people I know who ever tried to do the entrepreneurial thing. My own background is no exception; I’m a journalist by training and a self-taught technologist. I’ve served twelve years as startup CTO and almost as long as a peace activist (in the Middle East, the Balkans and Northern Ireland.) Simply put, my CV is a mess. Which most of the time I think of as a great asset, because entrepreneurship is largely a matter of being fine with unpredictability.

I think of the startup universe as containing both the best and the worst of human endeavours. On the one hand it’s full of gold diggers trying to make a buck at creating ever more convenient distractions for ever lazier consumers. On the other hand though, it’s also where we stand a chance at coming up with the real radical solutions for the mounting problems that are facing us.