The name of this blog is a tribute toThinking Fast and Slow, a book which I found to hold many important truths. Writing has always been my primary way for slowing down thoughts that, if not put into print, tend to be quite ephemeral. For as long as I remember I filled piles of notebooks with scribbles. I still do, but at some point I started feeling that they didn’t sufficiently hold me accountable. They didn’t, as it were, slow me down enough.

Hence this project.

I know there aren’t going to be too many visitors and I’m happy with that. I opted out of social media a long time ago and don’t intend to use this platform to try and build a following. What you, dear reader, do help me with, is accountability. Because I know you do come here every now and then, leaving discrete digital traces, much like the neighbourhood cats, mapping out their terrain with unseen scent trails.

So there seems to be a good possibility that most of the stuff I publish here will get at least one set of eye-balls other than my own, and that’s what makes all the difference to my writing process (and by extension, thinking process). As they use to say in the movies: this is not a drill. Whenever I grab a vaguely formed notion out of thin air and fire up WordPress, the hard work of disciplining my thoughts into a coherent narrative begins.

And as any writing person will tell you, there’s nothing that will make you feel more stupid than seeing that promising spark of imagination getting dragged in the soil of having to turn into a concrete incarnation – any creative output is bound to also be a disappointment to its author. I find that the trade-off is worth it however, because going through the motions of fleshing out ideas and packaging them into some semblance of a story, means I get to see what it is I’m really thinking. As some writer once put it, it’s like thinking through your fingertips.

As for themes and topics, I started out mostly writing about job-related stuff, meaning anything remotely associated with entrepreneurship. As I picked up speed – I now try to publish weekly – I also allow myself to roam more freely, writing about anything that catches my fancy; be that related to psychology, philosophy or even sometimes (!) politics.

I write in English because it’s the lingua franca of my professional context; because it’s my preferred mode of expression in anything vaguely work related, and because it’s hopefully not deterring to the few natively Swedish readers that might find their way here. The only exception are the seven long form pieces that you’ll find under the heading reporting, which I keep there in their original format as a sweet reminder of a former life in journalism.

I’ve chosen to not have this site open for comments, but if you’re here you likely already know how to get in touch with me. Oh, and thanks for dropping by!