• The Case Against “Deep Work”

    The notion of deep work provides a great excuse for not getting shit done.

  • The Enemy Within

    The nazis couldn’t resist the urge to separate themselves from non-arian elements, just as the post-war US establishment couldn’t resist the temptation to go witch-hunting communists. What causes this type of psycho-political auto immune disorder?

  • Ignorant, Incompetent, Functionally Stupid, or Just Plain Dumb?

    Being ignorant means you’re in the dark. Ignorance can be charming; it’s what makes children and dogs cute.

  • Interbrain Synchrony

    The hippies were right all along: brain-to-brain synchrony is really a thing.

  • The New New Normal*

    Entering the parastronaut chapter, the space-space has just gotten even more inspirational!

  • Chemistry vs. Credentials

    It’s only when two people share values and buy into the same mission, that they can fully trust each other.

  • The Funny Thing With Smart

    When the thermometer was invented, nobody really understood what temperature was. The same is now true of intelligence; we can measure it, but remains a mystery.

  • Mode Confusion

    Human factors engineering taught us to minimise the risk for mode confusion. That’s highly pertinent when designing interaction with social robots.

  • Distributed Cognition

    When you forget the details of some complicated concept and have to consult an external resource, that’s distributed cognition.

  • What Doing Looks Like

    I’d like to be a bit like Mrs. Whiting myself. She knows where she wants to go and she can turn that crystal clear vision into manageable chunks of action.

  • On Focus

    Our brains are built to toggle back and forth between sharp and fuzzy. Proper learning can only happen in the interplay between daydreaming and attention

  • The Subtle Art of Giving a F*ck

    A good boss have to offer very direct feedback. For that not to be brutal, you must invest in the relationship beyond what’s often thought of as professional.

  • Creative Doesn’t Mean Nice

    Culture can be a company’s most valuable asset, but creative a good one is hard.

  • Ghost in the Machine : A Brief History of AI in Therapy

    Machine based therapy would be the ultimate proof of generalised artificial intelligence. I’d like to think it’s not too much to expect.

  • Use the Force

    Knowing your opponent’s most ardent desire is the key to beating them at their own game.