• A Personal Journey Towards Extended Intelligence, or: Getting Intimate With Chet

    I’ve come to allow “Chet” entry to my most private quarters.

  • Talking Shop

    Talking shop is fine, but integrating the wider world into your shop-talk is even better.

  • Sad Swede, Happy Swede

    Swedish novelists feel bad about life. Meanwhile the rest of the population seem to be doing quite alright.

  • The Curse of Completism

    Completism comes in many shapes and forms. It doesn’t necessarily have to manifest in a physical collection, but can also translate into a more generalised ambition to ‘take it all the way’.

  • Don’t Innovate, Imitate!

    We’re all copycats. Trying too hard to be unique will most likely just cause stagnation.

  • Abortive Action : the Power of Walking Away

    Steve Jobs famously said that “real artists ship”, but Ulf Lundell was perhaps even more profound in stating that “a cancelled concert is also a concert.”

  • Getting Over Steve

    The gospel of Jesus Christ was an exclusively male affair, but there are at least three female takes on Steve.

  • Aspects of Fashion That Never Crossed My Mind

    Representational aesthetics is all about what stories we’re trying to tell about ourselves.

  • Things I Didn’t Know About KTH

    Student revolts and stylistic standoffs with the bourgeoisie; who would have thought that the old lady had such a colourful past!

  • True Learning

    How do you teach entrepreneurship? I seriously doubt that it’s possible, the patterns are too irregular to be codified.

  • The 2022 Reading List

    It’s been a good book year.

  • Into the Night

    However scary the monsters might seem, try to just sit with them. It’ll be all right.

  • Two Types of Failure

    I’m not a religious person but I had a next to spiritual experience the other day.

  • An Occupational Hazard

    My dream has come true, only I should have been more careful what I wished for…

  • Into The Soft Zone

    Where adults need to protect their fragile zone with headphones, nicotine and seclusion, kids naturally invite whatever the world serves up and use it creatively.