• Getting Over Steve

    The gospel of Jesus Christ was an exclusively male affair, but there are at least three female takes on Steve.

  • Aspects of Fashion That Never Crossed My Mind

    Representational aesthetics is all about what stories we’re trying to tell about ourselves.

  • Things I Didn’t Know About KTH

    Student revolts and stylistic standoffs with the bourgeoisie; who would have thought that the old lady had such a colourful past!

  • True Learning

    How do you teach entrepreneurship? I seriously doubt that it’s possible, the patterns are too irregular to be codified.

  • The 2022 Reading List

    It’s been a good book year.

  • Into the Night

    However scary the monsters might seem, try to just sit with them. It’ll be all right.

  • Two Types of Failure

    I’m not a religious person but I had a next to spiritual experience the other day.

  • An Occupational Hazard

    My dream has come true, only I should have been more careful what I wished for…

  • Into The Soft Zone

    Where adults need to protect their fragile zone with headphones, nicotine and seclusion, kids naturally invite whatever the world serves up and use it creatively.

  • The Reading Habit

    I finally figured out the answer to that question I used to subject innocent job seekers to. It took me three full iterations.

  • Getting To Understand (the) Spanish

    I married into a very Spanish family and had to start from scratch in making sense of a new culture. So I did what I tend to do when faced with the unknown, I turned to literature.

  • The Writing Habit

    When pivotal events occur in life, you often fail to notice them at the time. When it comes to writing, there has been two such occasions for me.

  • Why I Won’t Use The Best Software, Even When It’s Free

    Productivity is hard. The more you realise what the optimal setup would look like, the further you get from starting to implement it.

  • The Power of Persistence

    I recently passed my 666th consecutive day of studying Japanese. It made me think of Satan.

  • My Cup of Tea

    Every move the bar man man makes while preparing my tea is perfectly measured, it’s like watching a Tai-Chi master.