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    At its core, the Swedish political project has always been an optimistic one. Regardless of what party that ruled the country, our leaders seem to have shared a deeply held belief that we can handle whatever challenges we’re facing and that in the long run we’re making good progress.

  • How To Pick A Party

    When I go to cast my vote a few days from now, I feel confident that I’m backing the right horse. That’s thanks to something I learned during many years of recruiting tech talent.

  • First Principle Politics

    No amount of innovation is going to save the world from climate change, unless politicians across the ideological spectrum also do their part. Which will *have* to mean changing the rules of the game so that we’re incentivised to adapt our lifestyles.

  • Something Big is About to Happen, and Apple Won’t Like It One Bit

    Apple’s renowned “user friendliness” comes at a price, or at least that’s what Apple likes us to believe.

  • The Cost of Optimism

    I recently read two novels where the protagonists happened to be gay men living through the AIDS epidemic of the 80’s, who didn’t dare to take the test. Their reluctance reminded me of my own sentiment with regards to global warming.

  • Stockholm We Have a Problem

    Sweden has become a unicorn factory and programming is turning into one of the most common occupations. Still outside of the private sector, successful IT-projects are exceptionally rare; in fact there’s a long list of endeavours that’ve gone belly up lately, after having racked up costs in the hundreds of millions.

  • The Price of Change

    What would happen if instead of encouraging people using subtle queues, you’d brute-force the issue by simply incentivising them the good old proven way; by paying cash?