• The Trend Towards Open Core

    2018 was the watershed year for the open core model, where you create value through hosted services and closed source add-ons.

  • The Best of Both Worlds : How to Build a Company While Sticking to Open Source

    The professor’s privilege and means that researchers can do what they want with whatever they create. Which if you’re in software usually just means you publish your code on GitHub and move on to the next research project.

  • Ise Ise Baby

    The approach is one of the most promising candidates among “non-Von Neumann” computer architectures.

  • At the Crossroads of Intellectual Property and Software Engineering

    The ins- and outs of open hardware; the power and perils of building your products on top of FOSS-stacks; the dos and don’ts with design patenting, and so much more.

  • Life in the Machine

    Close to the Machine : Technophilia and its discontents by Ellen Ullman chronicles the dawn of the Internet from the point of view of a freelance programmer. I loved it intensely.