• Things I Didn’t Know About Quantum Entanglement

    I’ve gained a valuable insight into how humanity’s collective understanding of this enigmatic field has evolved over time. I feel that goes a long way.

  • Things I Didn’t Know About Clinical Innovation

    Over the last few months, I’ve often felt like a street-fighting urchin who’s put in a karate class; instinctively rebellious against any meddling with what’s already battle-tested. But again and again, I’ve had to accept that going back to first principles and carefully build up a new conceptual framework, has been worth the effort.

  • What A Quarter Century Worth of Winners Says About the Booker Prize

    Trying to get even the most ephemeral grasp of anything as complex as English language literature, might seem like a fools errand.

  • Minding the Gap : the Case Against Anthropology in Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurs aren’t looking to understand the world such as it ‘really is’. They just need to get a good enough grasp of a given context.

  • The World’s Not Enough : Steve Jobs Held Hostage By Own Exquisite Taste

    It’s sad to think that we need disaster to strike in our lives, in order to sober up and see what’s worth a damn. Sad, but at the same time also somehow hopeful.

  • Trying to Grasp Photonics

    What other branch of science can claim to solve teleportation and levitation? Where else to turn for invisibility cloaks and computers which run on light alone?

  • BUST! the Productive Failure of LK-99

    Ambient pressure room temperature superconductivity didn’t happen. But the LK-99 debacle was kind of inspiring in at least two ways.

  • BOOM!

    Let’s sacrifice a goat and pray that room temperature superconductivity is actually finally *happening*!

  • The Innovative Stance

    Ideation can only happen within a demarcated design space, and the inherent paradox there of course, is that you won’t know where to draw the lines of that space until you’ve developed a fair idea of what you’ll ideate about.

  • Interbrain Synchrony

    The hippies were right all along: brain-to-brain synchrony is really a thing.

  • This Could Change Everything : Superconductivity Heating Up

    If we could figure out how to achieve superconductivity at higher temperatures, it would be such a huge deal that the impact is hard to even imagine. This might just be on the brink of happening now…

  • We Need to Talk About Steve

    My bromance with Steve goes back as far as I can remember. That’s probably why I felt such a severe case of cognitive dissonance when picking up Lisa Brennan-Jobs’ memoir Small Fry.

  • The Science of Science

    There’s an emerging scientific discipline dedicated to the study of science itself.

  • Making Belief : A Brief History of World Expos

    World expos might have played out their roles today, but historically they’ve had three important functions to fill.

  • What We Need Libraries For

    I like to think of future libraries as places where we go to be inspired and surprised.