• The New New Normal*

    Entering the parastronaut chapter, the space-space has just gotten even more inspirational!

  • Chemistry vs. Credentials

    It’s only when two people share values and buy into the same mission, that they can fully trust each other.

  • Zen and the Art of System Dynamics

    When a baby is born, it’s not aware of itself as a separate entity. All there is in the beginning, is quality.

  • The Shadow of Greatness

    Creativity is scary. You want to have access to it in your life, but also to keep it at arms length, lest it consumes you.

  • The Dirty Little Secret About Cyber Security : Not Too Complicated, Just Hard Work

    When the real truth starts seeping in, it feels like one of those detective stories where you realise in hindsight that the clues were there in plain view for anyone who cared to really look.

  • Ontoleptic Play

    Theatre has always had the potential to shift our perception of reality. Boosted by technology, it’s now proving to be one of the most interesting ontological laboratories that are available to us.

  • Two Types of Failure

    I’m not a religious person but I had a next to spiritual experience the other day.

  • An Occupational Hazard

    My dream has come true, only I should have been more careful what I wished for…

  • The Inconvenient Truth About the State of Swedish Cyber Security

    The nation is under constant attack and we’re ill prepared to fight back.

  • Into The Soft Zone

    Where adults need to protect their fragile zone with headphones, nicotine and seclusion, kids naturally invite whatever the world serves up and use it creatively.

  • Interesting Spells I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-E-D

    The latest HBO show feels as random as life itself. It really shouldn’t work, and yet something keeps it all together.

  • Redundancy Reconsidered

    We somehow appreciate the inherent comedy in how engineers systematically over-provision, create fallbacks, fail-safes and redundancies at every possible corner.

  • The Reading Habit

    I finally figured out the answer to that question I used to subject innocent job seekers to. It took me three full iterations.

  • Getting To Understand (the) Spanish

    I married into a very Spanish family and had to start from scratch in making sense of a new culture. So I did what I tend to do when faced with the unknown, I turned to literature.

  • A River Of Tears

    I remember one of my first hangovers. I was on a beautiful beach surrounded by friends. They’d baked me a cake, but I didn’t have the stomach for it.